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Thanks to the development of the CT (Compact & Tough) concept, the Steez CT TW offers the possibility to apply extremely lightweight as well as heavy lures.

Due to the usage of a super lightweight spool with a diameter of only 30mm, the starting resistance is reduced noticeably and thus weights below 5gr can be cast easily. At the same time the spool is strong enough to be fished with strong braided lines of 30lbs and to cast also heavy weights up to 28g. Thus the Steez CT TW has a very variable field of application.

Thanks to the small spool, the reel body could be designed in a smaller and more compact way – thus the reel is very handy and enables enduring effortless fishing. The integrated TWS system reduces the line friction during the cast and enables additionally longer casts. The magnesium reel body only weights 150g! Perfectly suited for finesse fishing.

Технические характеристики

  • CT (Compact & Tough)

  • AIR METAL® magnesium reel body

  • 12 "CRBB®" ball bearings

  • T-Wing system (TWS™)

  • UTD® drag system

  • Magforce®-Z magnet drag system

  • Star drag with click-system

  • Soft-touch handle knob

  • Left hand version

  • Made in Japan

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