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The N'ZON feeder series offers a broad range of rods for diverse types of application at feeder fishing. Depending on the model these rods can be used from light method feeder fishing in ponds to extra-heavy feeder fishing in large currents. The whole series is distinguished by their slim and well-balanced blanks with high resilience. The exclusive DAIWA Armlock handle is pleasant to grab and does not twist under strain.

N'ZON MINI METHOD FEEDER (art.-nr. 11130-300/-330 & 11330-360)
Classical method feeder rods with parabolic action. These rods allow smooth casts without loosing the groundbait. Sudden and strong runs are perfectly absorbed and the threat of losses is reduced. Preferred field of application: ponds & lakes.

N'ZON LIGHT / MEDIUM FEEDER (art.-nr. 11130-333 & 11330-364/-394)
Pleasantly lightweight and well-balanced rods with very fast action and strong backbone. These rods cast also low weights to long distances. Under strain the action changes, resulting in a semi-parabolic bending curve. Perfect for ponds and light current.

N'ZON POWER FEEDER (art.-nr. 11331-365/-395)
Strong feeder rods with large power reserves – perfect for medium current or extreme distances at lakes. With very fast tip action.

N'ZON DISTANCE / XL DISTANCE FEEDER (art.-nr. 11332-360/-366/-390/-396)
Classical feeder rods for medium as well as strong current and heavy feeders. These rods allow an enormous acceleration of the rig at casting. With the support of the strong blank heavy feeders can be presented with great precision. These rods feature somewhat larger guides at the tips – perfect when shockleaders are used.

Технические характеристики

HMC+® carbon fiber blank

ArmLock® handle section

Titanium oxide guides2 quiver tips (2x carbon fiber)

Exclusive transportation holdall

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