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At the Emblem carp series, modern technology of rod construction meets premium and innovative components.

The slim and tight HVF carbon fiber blanks are equipped with TDG premium steel guides. Due to these lightweight guides and the premium carbon fiber material, the design of rods with very fast action and ideal resilience is possible – long and extremely precise casts are the consequence. The Emblem blanks are very well balanced and absorb the flights of powerful fish easily. The V-Joint spigot joint ensures an optimal bending curve! Premium shrink tube at the handle, a DPS Seaguide reel seat and a dull black blank with excellently wrapped guides make this classical rod a real jewel.

The 12ft. and 13ft. Models are equipped with a 50mm starter guide.

Технические характеристики

Бланки из графита HVF
Соединение V-Joint
Антибликовое матовое покрытиеLow glare clear matt finish
Катушкодержатель SeaGuide
Тонкий профиль, с рукоятью обтянутой термотрубкой.
Кольца SeaGuide Stainless TDG

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