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The Saltiga series of reels has made many anglers dreams come true.
In 2020 Saltiga will return to the market with the introduction of a MQ body and brand-new cosmetics.
The larger diameter radiation drag knob with heat sink system coupled with a newly designed drive gear brings
strength and smoothness to the reel whilst the latest technology spool creates troubles free casts.
By adding every element of newly developed Daiwa Technology,
we are certain by far that the 20 Saltiga is the toughest reel produced throughout the long history of Saltiga.

saltiga engine.PNG

The Larger Diameter
Drive Gear

Being able to trust your reel while in
use becomes a major advantage for an angler.
The larger diameter and the added thickness will reduce
the amount of wear including twist and deformation to
the drive and also to the pinion gears.
In comparison to 15 Saltiga, it is more than double the strength.


MQ Body will take the reel
to the next level

Up until 20 Saltiga, reel bodies consisted of
two key elements known as a body and body cover.
The MQ System does not require a body cover,
it allows an Engine plate to screw on direct to the body.
Therefore, the body no longer has a need for body cover screws,
this development allows a larger diameter drive gear
to be fitted providing the reel with more power.

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